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The Difference We Make

Welcome to Trinity Hypnosis and Holistic Solutions!

There are so many things that affect us on a daily basis. We stress over taking exams. We want to change behaviors or habits such as smoking or eating habits so that we can reduce our weight. We want to regain control of our emotions such as reducing anxious feelings or controlling anger. Maybe we want to reduce pain responses or fear responses. Sometimes our goals appear un-achievable.

Our services are customized to the individual, focusing on what is most important to you. Is it stress relief and stress management? Is it getting your blood pressure under control? Pain management? Stopping unwanted habits or behaviors? Self Improvement? All of our services work in conjunction with your medical practitioner (if needed) and do not interfere with anything your doctor has prescribed. In fact, our services aid in faster relief, quicker recovery and added health benefits.

Our practitioners are certified in their fields of expertise and happy to answer any questions you may have, at any time. 

By taking advantage of the many services offered by Trinity, you can regain control of your life, improve yourself, manage and reduce your stress and/or pain and start achieving your goals and dreams one step at a time! Your success is our first priority!

Your first step to a more enriching life is contacting us for your personal consultation. We will work together to create a solution that is unique to your own personal situation.

Visit our pages to learn more about the services offered and how we can help you.

Call 810-338-0453 for more information

Location: 350 N. Court Street, Suite 305,Lapeer, MI 48446

Many services available globally via teleconference/Skype.

Office Hours (Eastern Time Zone):

By appointment.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.