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Spiritual Life Coaching

"We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Spiritual Life Coaching is not religious or religion based coaching. It is focused on deepening, growing and understanding your own personal spiritual awareness. Deepening your connection with your own personal beliefs is the goal.

Sue Novotney is a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach, an Ordained Minister (Christian,non-denominational), as well as a gifted Empath, Intuitive, and Claircognizant psychic. Her calling has always been to help others heal. She strongly believes in the body-mind-spirit connection and that all three aspects need to be in good health as they all interact and influence the health of one another. 

As a Master Spirit Life Coach, Sue focuses on the Spiritual connection in facilitating a healthy and positive body-mind-spirit connection. When it comes to spirituality, many people are seeking guidance and looking for ways to deepen their own personal spirituality. For some, it may be a curiosity, for others, it is a passion. Sue is happy to help everyone by answering questions, teaching classes or using her skills and abilities to provide insightful coaching and guidance. When it comes to questions of a spiritual nature, Sue is very open minded and respectful of individual beliefs.

Here are some examples of topics that have been addressed in the past:  

  • How do I deepen and strengthen the connection to my own spirituality?
  • I asked for a "sign", I received one and now I want to understand how and why it happened.
  • I want to understand the Universal Laws and specifically the Law of Attraction and how they all work together.
  • What are "psychic abilities"? Does everyone have them? How do I know if I have them? How does this affect my religious beliefs?


Spiritual Life Coaching (60 minute session)

Spiritual Consultation (Reading) (30 or 60 minute sessions available)

Meditation Training (60 minute session)

The Wish - a spiritual life coaching game based on the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your goals. (60 or 90 minute sessions)


Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction (3 hour class)

Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and Connecting with Your Intuition (3 hour class)

Call 810-338-0453 for more information

All spiritual coaching services provided by a Professionally Certified Master Spirit Life Coach.
Coaching and Consultations can be in person or via teleconference.

Gift Certificates are Available!